helping amphibians to survive

Great Massingham Patrol

Great Massingham has five main road-side ponds, but we can only cover three of them, patrolling a radiating triangle of roads on the northern edge of the village and the airfield track. Rush hour is busy, with through traffic coming in from all directions at speed.  We also help to manage the patrols at Little Massingham and at Tythe Farm.

We erect our hand-made signs every year as soon as the first toad is spotted. Like other patrols, we aim to go out in pairs and operate a rota system when possible. Even an hour of your time is immensely valuable. Experienced toaders will provide personal instruction, a day-time walk around and loan hi-viz waistcoats.   You can download a map of the patrol and a map of the signs.

Our toad populations have fluctuated but generally declined over the years, with change of land use leading to loss of habitat, and increased road traffic apparently the main causes. So any help we can provide will make a marked difference. All volunteers welcome.

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Great Massingham helpers

Photo by courtesy of the Lynn News