helping amphibians to survive


Torches - needs to last at least an hour.  Rechargeable is best but be aware that the large, very bright torches that  are frequently sold in DIY stores are too bright as the light bounces back and does not allow you to develop night vision and some only run for 15 mins after a charge.  They probably give the toads a headache as well!
A broad even beam is best as you are looking for toads at about 5m distance - not 500m!

Holding your torch at eye level enables you to see the light bouncing back from the toads' eyes and to spot them more easily at a distance.

Try not to look into car headlamps as that upsets your night vision.

Head torches are good because they leave your hands free but not easy to wear with a hat or hood and it is often raining when the toads are moving.  Also it is very easy to blind car drivers and other toaders by accident!  The light can bounce back at you from road signs and puddles, which can upset your night vision.

The torches below have been found to be suitable -

Rechargeable Battery Life

Battery technology is complicated and the life of any battery will be extended by following the manufactures instructions!

Both the Clulite torches listed above (CLU10 and CLU13) use lead acid batteries.   These batteries will last longest if charged after each use and given a top up if not used for 8 weeks.  Avoid completely discharging.

Spares and upgrades

Clulite Classic CLU10

If the torch no longer holds its charge then you can get a replacement Yuasa YUASA NP2.8-6 battery from Clulite or a bit cheaper on Amazon.   The is also a bulb conversion to LED which should give a brighter light and use less power.

The old incandescant Sealey torch that many of us used originally

 MDS have replacement bateries - Part number NP4-6