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How Patrols will work during Covid restrictionscovid mask

The current government guidance is listed here.  You are permitted to leave home to provide voluntary services and for daily exercise.   Toadwatch has consulted with Norfolk Police and their test is whether it is 'necessary' to leave home to perform the service.   Whilst we hope that traffic levels will be low during lockdown, we also know that the male toads will sit on quiet roads so that they can spot the incoming females!  This means that a single car can kill many toads. So yes we do consider it to be necessary that we patrol as usual.

The advice below is mostly what people on toad patrol will be doing anyway.  We patrol after dusk when it is often raining,  it is very rare for other people to be at the patrol sites at the same time.   It should not be hard to remain Covid safe during toad patrol!  We will update this advice if circumstances change.

 Things you should do

Things you should not do